Erik Mollinet

Reader. Video gamer. College student.

These are just a few phrases that describe Erik...but those are only a few small aspects of his story. Check out the videos below to meet Erik and discover his journey to Jivi.

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Quote: Despite being the first and only in my family, my condition was always pretty much a normal part of life for us.
Pictured: Erik in a Boy Scout uniform, standing next to his mom, Stacey, and a scout leader
Quote: I’m very grateful that we live in a time where there are treatment options that allow me to infuse less frequently
Pictured: Erik as a child with his siblings playing by the river.
Pictured: Erik posing outside. Pictured: Erik and his siblings with Easter baskets
Quote: The truth is that I’ve always kind of liked tinkering around and figuring things out. I’ve always been into problem solving and things like that.
Pictured: Erik floating down a river in an innertube on a sunny day
Pictured: Erik as a young child sitting with his brother

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