Evan Kerstetter

Fitness fanatic. Musician. Aspiring nurse.

Evan Kerstetter is your typical 20-something guy – who just happens to have hemophilia A. Check out the videos below to meet Evan and discover his journey to Jivi.

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Quote: If you push yourself, and you know your limits, you can do a lot of things that maybe you thought you couldn'’'t
Pictured: Evan in a kayak in a river
Pictured: Evan posing on the top of a rock
Quote: One day, I’m hoping to become a pediatric nurse...I’d love to be able to give back some of the care and support that I’ve received over the years.
Pictured: Evan cooking eggs in a kitchen in his nursing scrubs. Pictured: Evan posing with his brother and parents outside.
Pictured: Evan playing the drums in his band
Pictured: Evan demonstrating how he infuses
Quote: I like to give back to the community. Showing kids with hemophilia A how to infuse and to look after themselves is really great.
Pictured: Headshot of Evan

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