Stacey Mollinet

Resourceful. Optimist. Community advocate.

When Stacey Mollinet started noticing hematomas on her 5 month-old son’s ribcage, she took him to the doctor – and that's when they learned the diagnosis. This was just the start of their journey. Check out the videos below to meet Stacey and discover her son’s journey to Jivi.

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Quote: I had a lot of questions. All I knew was that hemophilia was some sort of bleeding disorder, but that was the extent of my knowledge.
Pictured: Erik as a child with his siblings playing by the river.
Quote: The truth is - Erik did really well, and in general he has hardly had any problems with his condition because of the treatments available.
Pictured: Stacey with her son, Erik, as a young child on her back.
Pictured: Stacey, her husband and children after running a race.
Pictured: Stacey outside with her children smiling
Quote: For anyone out there on a Bayer hemophilia A product – I’m telling you – be sure to take full advantage of all that Access Services by Bayer has to offer.
Pictured: Stacey posing with her children on a bench outside

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