Venkat Chama

Resilient. World traveler. Gifted storyteller.

Growing up with hemophilia A can be challenging – especially when you aren’t formally diagnosed until age 16. That was the case for Venkat Chama (or Chama, as he prefers to be called). Check out the videos below to meet Chama and discover his journey to Jivi.

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Pictured: Chama holding his daughter
Quote: Sometimes it was hard growing up – especially since I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 16 - but it makes me even more grateful to have access to such effective treatment now.
Pictured: Chama with his son on his shoulders and wife and daughter in front of him
Pictured: Chama holding his son in a field
Pictured: Chama lying in the grass with his son and daughter
Quote: With Jivi, I feel I get effective bleed control, more time between infusions, and factor levels that meet my needs. Talking to my doctor helped me find the right product for me.
Quote: We have a really great community, and I am proud to be a part of it.
Pictured: Chama sitting in the grass

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