Zach Castillo

Confident. Lifelong Texan. Camp counselor.

For those living with hemophilia A, a strong family support system can be key. For Zach Castillo, an uncle with his same condition gave him just that – and helped guide him on his journey. Check out the videos below to meet Zach and discover his journey to Jivi.

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Pictured: Zach Castillo as a young boy. Pictured: Zach as a child sitting on his Uncle John’s lap
Quote: At the end of the day, after all this time and all these experiences, now I’m able to say that I’m no longer that apprehensive kid, unsure about his condition. It’s been a journey.
Pictured: Zach standing on rocks posing by the water. Pictured: Zach posing with his mom by a Christmas tree.
Quote: My uncle really emphasized the need for me to stay on top of my medicine to help control my bleeds. He wanted to make sure that I was taking care of myself. At times he was stern – he would tell me that if I didn’t take care of myself, that no one was obligated to. I listened. It really put things into perspective for me to hear him - and see him.
Quote: For someone like me who’s always on the go, the possibility to eventually infuse every 5 days, based on my bleeding episodes and consultation with my doctor, was a big deciding factor in making the switch.
Pictured: Zach posing outside the United States Capitol building.

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